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Category: Amanda Hall

Don’t take “no” for an answer

I have never once bought a lottery ticket. My father and mother taught me that there are no short cuts to successfully reaching one’s goals. Hard work and “stick-to-it-iveness” is the only way. They didn’t just preach this as an adage, they modeled it with their tireless commitment to pursuing their visions.I was fortunate to […]

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The art of thinking like a CEO

One thing I’ve been thinking about these last few months is, in fact, how I think. Have you ever wondered about your own programming? How can I be sure that my thought processes, and ultimately my decisions, are unbiased and adaptable? Physicist Richard Feynman talked about how cognitive dissonance can foil wise decision-making. He said: […]

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A word from Amanda Hall

  Is a CEO supposed to be impervious to doubt and fear? You have to think about a lot of stressful things as a CEO: delivering for your customers; generating revenue; retaining your amazing team; doing right by investors; and so much more. Some say that doubt and fear can be debilitating, but for me […]

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An update from Amanda Hall

Tell us the best news you received this past quarter about your business. This has been my most exciting quarter yet. My team and I reached some very important milestones with our prototype, we took second place in the Energy New Venture Competition, and we were shortlisted for the National Angel Capital Organization’s (NACO) Most […]

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Catching up with Amanda Hall

What technology challenges have you faced over the past few months and what steps have you taken to overcome them? We’ve had no technical challenges to overcome so far, but it is still early days. We did a lot of homework interviewing experts around the world before we began, that way we could design around […]

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A conversation with Amanda Hall

What is your company trying to do? Summit Nanotech wants to “green up” the lithium mining industry, increasing the yield of lithium production in a way that’s less harmful to the environment. The solution lies in a field of nanoscience that I have been working in for quite some time. Now that you’re a finalist, […]

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